Many thanks!

I just want to explain why I won’t be blogging for at least a couple of months.

I have had some serious health issues over the last six months or so and I must go for a rather serious operation on my brain (I know – they found one! and when is an operation on the brain ever not serious?). The chances of success are good but, even so, I have other things and people I need to spend my time on/with in the next few weeks.

If you have been a reader or contributor to my blog in any way whatsoever I just want to say a huge thank you and wish you all the best. I hope to see you again in a couple of months.

This song has been very precious to me and continues to be. Not because it’s wishful thinking but because it’s true. You probably know it already but if not here it is:

God bless.


About aRemonstrant'sRamblings

I graduated in philosophy of religion many years ago and have since acquired my PGCE and now teach religion, ethics and philosophy.
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12 Responses to Many thanks!

  1. chuck allen says:

    I wish you a very speedy recovery and may God bless.

    chuck allen

  2. kangaroodort says:


    I promise to keep you in prayer. God Bless.

  3. timzebo says:

    Ouch! You’re one of my favorite bloggers, so don’t stay away too long;-)!!! Coincidentally I had lunch yesterday with a friend who’s a retired brain surgeon. He told me stories of how new procedures in neurosurgery are saving many lives that would not have been possible in past years. You’ll be in my thoughts, and I wish for you a fabulously successful surgery, a speedy speedy recovery and a long and happy life.

    • aRemonstrant'sRamblings says:

      That’s very kind of you to say Tim.

      I am very fortunate to be having this operation at all. It’s only because I’ve been suffering constant headaches that I was sent for an MRI and they spotted the problem. So the headaches might just have saved my life!

      Thank you for your message and I look forward to more exchanges of ideas with you hopefully in the future.

      All the best.

  4. credulo says:

    I will pray for you!

  5. Billy Squibs says:

    Oh no! I’ve really enjoyed your blog over the last number of months, Michael. I hope and pray that you’ll make a full recovery.

    Take care.

  6. Hope all will be ok and you’ll be back blogging soon.

    If you get some spare time, I have a relatively new blog that I thought you might be interested in sharing on your site. I’m doing a series of posts on the “New Calvinist Bible”. It’s written in a satirical style from the perspective of a Calvinist who wants to make the Bible even more Calvinist than he thinks it is already. It contains revised biblical texts to actually make them Calvinist. The idea is to show that many changes need to be made!

    I’d be delighted to get some publicity for it as I think only about two people have seen the blog so far! You’re welcome to link to the entries. I have some more posts in the series to follow too.

    The first post in the series is here:
    The bottom of the post contains a link to the next in the series, etc.

    In Christ,

    Kingswood Hart

  7. Daniel V. says:

    I’ll be praying for you!

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