A Boghossian u-turn

You may recall a few years ago, self-proclaimed street epistemologist, Peter Boghossian mocking those who publish academic papers in philosophy of religion. I wasn’t the only one to seriously question Boghossian on this move either. [1]

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It appears that, without any hint of irony or retraction of his previously declared position, that he has himself recently published in the subject of philosophy of religion. Not in one of the bigger journals on the subject but, nonetheless, what would still qualify as being published academically.

the big bog

If I read this situation the way Boghossian reads academics in his ‘A Manual for Creating Atheists’ I might stoop to claiming that Boghossian has blatently contradicted himself and, in doing so, has placed himself (in his own metaphor) as being at the kids’ table. However, since I believe in extending people the principle of charity, I will do my best to interpret the situation as one where Boghossian has outgrown his previous grandiose claims and realised that to mock academic philosophy of religion was completely erroneous. Having realised this was such a Trumpesque twitter soundbite of a moment he has done a u-turn. The only thing which is sad about such u-turns is that some people never actually come out and retract their previous statements and take them back.

How glad we all are Mr Boghossian that you have joined the academic world of philosophy of religion! How sweet the irony I’m sure you must admit! [2]

(I would like to read and review this article but it is currently behind a pay wall. If Mr Boghossian should read this and feel disposed to send me a copy I will happily review it for him.)


[1] https://aremonstrantsramblings.wordpress.com/2014/06/15/peter-boghossian-ostracizing-atheistagnostic-philosophers/

[2] I’m convinced Boghossian loves irony. If you’ve read what I’ve written about his views previously you might note the irony of this small sample of his tweets:




I can only laugh.



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I graduated in philosophy of religion many years ago and have since acquired my PGCE and now teach religion, ethics and philosophy.
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1 Response to A Boghossian u-turn

  1. stgeorgeds says:

    A fool does not delight in understanding, But only in revealing his own mind. -Prov 18:2

    Now he can truly appreciate the field.

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