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God in the Old Testament

This is a response to ‘from synapse to byte’s’ [STB] article ‘Scrapping Morality’ found here. Complaints regarding certain passages, especially in the Old Testament, have been a matter of heated debate on the internet in recent years. None more so than … Continue reading

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The British Humanist Association Part 2 – “What makes something right or wrong?”

The second video I would like to address is ‘What makes something right or wrong?’: Fry begins by stating: “Some people believe that what is right or wrong never varies from situation to situation and that it can be expressed … Continue reading

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William Lane Craig and Arif Ahmed on the Moral Argument

I recently listened to the debate between William Lane Craig and Arif Ahmed which took place at Cambridge University a few years ago. One of the points of contention was the moral argument and specifically whether there are objective moral … Continue reading

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A Case for Moral Realism

A few people who read Linda Zagzebski’s argument in my previous post were most indignant that a philosopher would assume moral realism without making a case for it specifically. I think the most obvious reason for that, which they largely … Continue reading

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Why I like the moral argument for God (and why Grayling gets it wrong)

In this blog I explain why I particularly like the moral argument as advanced by the Christian philosopher Linda Zagzebski. “A moral world is… very probable on theism.” [Agnostic philosopher Paul Draper in Greg Ganssle, “Necessary Moral Truths” Philosophia Christi, … Continue reading

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Why moral duties don’t exist!

Many of you will already know the Christian theologian and philosopher Matthew Flannagan so I won’t spend time introducing him here. If you want more on him go to his blog: Matthew is one of my favourite Christian writers … Continue reading

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