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A Boghossian u-turn

You may recall a few years ago, self-proclaimed street epistemologist, Peter Boghossian mocking those who publish academic papers in philosophy of religion. I wasn’t the only one to seriously question Boghossian on this move either. [1] It appears that, without … Continue reading

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Blaming God for my deconversion?

My thanks to Lydia McGrew for making me aware of a recent piece she wrote on deconversions away from Christianity. Reading it it does sound a little bit like a reply to my post where I explained my own deconversion … Continue reading

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My journey away from Christianity

My testimony is no doubt quite similar to many modern-day evangelical Christians. When I was ten years of age I became a Christian at a Billy Graham rally in my home town. However my Christian journey did not really become … Continue reading

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The prosperity gospel is alive and well in the UK

My personal experience of church in the UK is almost entirely within evangelicalism and so I readily admit my criticism is selective and it is only my experience. Furthermore this piece is only about one particular form of that evangelicalism. … Continue reading

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Peter Boghossian and Tim McGrew in discussion this weekend! I don’t want to tell you what to do but… don’t miss it!

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Many thanks!

I just want to explain why I won’t be blogging for at least a couple of months. I have had some serious health issues over the last six months or so and I must go for a rather serious operation … Continue reading

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An analysis of Richard Carrier’s ‘Why I am not a Christian’ (Parts 1 and 2)

PART 1 This book fails to deliver on its promise. While it most certainly does describe why Richard Carrier is not a Christian it fails to give any “conclusive reasons” for rejecting the Christian faith, let alone four of them! … Continue reading

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