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The non-evidential Islamophobia of Sam Harris

Islamophobia etymologically refers to a view which has some irrational fear of Islam at its core. But the term can also be used of those who use rhetoric and misinformation to cause other people to have an irrational fear of … Continue reading

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‘Street epistemologists’ aren’t epistemologists say ‘street epistemologists’!

A common criticism of the ‘street epistemology’ movement is that the vast majority of the people who identify as such are not actually epistemologists in any meaningful sense of the word. [1] In ordinary English usage an epistemologist is usually … Continue reading

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Peter Boghossian vs logic

This argument of Peter Boghossian’s is taken from a talk he did in 2016 to The Rationalist Society of Australia. He had just been talking about how faith is not a reliable way of knowing things and this argument is … Continue reading

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A Boghossian u-turn

You may recall a few years ago, self-proclaimed street epistemologist, Peter Boghossian mocking those who publish academic papers in philosophy of religion. I wasn’t the only one to seriously question Boghossian on this move either. [1] It appears that, without … Continue reading

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Blaming God for my deconversion?

My thanks to Lydia McGrew for making me aware of a recent piece she wrote on deconversions away from Christianity. Reading it it does sound a little bit like a reply to my post where I explained my own deconversion … Continue reading

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My journey away from Christianity

My testimony is no doubt quite similar to many modern-day evangelical Christians. When I was ten years of age I became a Christian at a Billy Graham rally in my home town. However my Christian journey did not really become … Continue reading

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The prosperity gospel is alive and well in the UK

My personal experience of church in the UK is almost entirely within evangelicalism and so I readily admit my criticism is selective and it is only my experience. Furthermore this piece is only about one particular form of that evangelicalism. … Continue reading

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Peter Boghossian and Tim McGrew in discussion this weekend! I don’t want to tell you what to do but… don’t miss it!

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Many thanks!

I just want to explain why I won’t be blogging for at least a couple of months. I have had some serious health issues over the last six months or so and I must go for a rather serious operation … Continue reading

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An analysis of Richard Carrier’s ‘Why I am not a Christian’ (Parts 1 and 2)

PART 1 This book fails to deliver on its promise. While it most certainly does describe why Richard Carrier is not a Christian it fails to give any “conclusive reasons” for rejecting the Christian faith, let alone four of them! … Continue reading

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