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Getting the arguments for God wrong

It’s pretty hard to find too many professional philosophers who mock the traditional arguments for the existence of God even when they disagree with them. I would suggest part of the reason for this is because they, very often, know … Continue reading

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Daring to disagree with Plantinga and Pigliucci

Daring to publicly disagree with one professional philosopher is enough to make your hands sweaty but two at once! I had seen many fellow Christians recommending Plantinga’s recent interview with Gary Gutting as a masterclass in arguing that atheism is … Continue reading

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In defense of Pigliucci

The title should read: In defense of Pigliucci with one major caveat! I’ll get to what it is later. It’s not uncommon to find people who take the view that ‘atheists’ (since I’m reading Boghossian currently I won’t even attempt … Continue reading

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Why I like the moral argument for God (and why Grayling gets it wrong)

In this blog I explain why I particularly like the moral argument as advanced by the Christian philosopher Linda Zagzebski. “A moral world is… very probable on theism.” [Agnostic philosopher Paul Draper in Greg Ganssle, “Necessary Moral Truths” Philosophia Christi, … Continue reading

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