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The gobbledygook of John Piper’s Calvinism

In today’s podcast John Piper has responded to the important question: ‘If our will is not free, are we accountable?’ The podcast can be found here (Episode 308). Piper first suggests that what makes us responsible for our actions is that all … Continue reading

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When Calvinists patronize

It was just a few days ago I posted a response to the new John Piper video promoting his book ‘Five Points’. Part of that video was a complaint about how Calvinists get stereotyped and how Piper feels this is … Continue reading

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Why Calvinist videos leave me cold

First there was ‘The Calvinist’. If you’ve not seen that video or my parody of it you can find them both here. The latest video is a book teaser for Piper’s newest book ‘Five Points’. You can find the video at … Continue reading

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Be an atheist for an hour!

Here is John Piper (possibly the most well known theistic determinist in the western world): This is my third consecutive blog on John Piper so I promise to give him (and all of you) a break after this one. At … Continue reading

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Why does John Piper misrepresent evangelical Arminianism?

As I begin writing this I realize I’m not actually going to attempt to answer my question. I think the question would be better answered by John Piper himself. What I am going to contend is that John Piper misrepresents … Continue reading

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John Piper and Unconditional Election

“Now then, without any extenuation on the one hand, or exaggeration on the other, let us look upon this doctrine, call it what you please, naked and in its native colour. Before the foundations of the world were laid, God … Continue reading

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The Calvinist – A harmless parody

If you have not seen the original video then watch it first: This is a parody and is done in brotherly love not out of spite (although it requires a sense of humour) and it’s not a proper theological critique … Continue reading

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What’s wrong with Calvinism?

I am sometimes asked why I am not a Calvinist. I thought about writing my own blog on this issue but two factors made it seem unnecessary to do so. One is because I have previously given some reasons why … Continue reading

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