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Peter Boghossian ostracizing atheist/agnostic philosophers

This was a recent tweet by Peter Boghossian: My replies were: His reply was… nothing. There are, of course, many other great atheist / agnostic philosophers who could also be mentioned (people such as Bertrand Russell, Anthony Flew, John Mackie … Continue reading

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‘A Manual for Creating Atheists’ Part 3.1: Faith

This follows from Part 2. The title of Chapter 2 is ‘Faith’. Boghossian makes it clear that he wants to “clear up” some terminology in this chapter and the three words he wishes to turn his attention to are ‘faith’, ‘atheist’, … Continue reading

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William Lane Craig vs Paul Helm (Molinism vs Calvinism) – A brief commentary

This debate was aired yesterday on the show called ‘Unbelievable’ on the British Christian radio station ‘Premier Radio’. Here is the internet home page of the show but you can also subscribe to the show on itunes. This is not an … Continue reading

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The problem with using the logical problem of evil

I suppose it must be true for most areas of life but it’s sometimes hard to take when one sees such a disparity between where academics are in relation to popular cultural ideas. I find it staggering that many atheists … Continue reading

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