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‘A Manual for Creating Atheists’ Part 5.2: Foundationalism and Faith

I am roughly (according to my kindle) one quarter of the way though this book and it’s taken a long time in coming but Boghossian begins talking about which epistemological school of thought he wants his Street Epistemologists (SEs) to … Continue reading

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Christians defining faith

It has become a hallmark of modern atheism that it often attempts to redefine ‘faith’ to mean something Christians simply do not mean by the term. In contrast to those attempts, here are some Christian thinkers being permitted to say … Continue reading

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A reply to Philochristos regarding theistic determinism

“Even though we stress ever so strongly that God’s authority is finally at issue, the idea of a rigid causality arises. But this may not be. We are dealing with God’s address to people. But people as such cannot be … Continue reading

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‘A Manual for Creating Atheists’ Part 3.1: Faith

This follows from Part 2. The title of Chapter 2 is ‘Faith’. Boghossian makes it clear that he wants to “clear up” some terminology in this chapter and the three words he wishes to turn his attention to are ‘faith’, ‘atheist’, … Continue reading

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More on the evil god challenge

If you haven’t read it already then please go and read my earlier post on this subject entitled, ‘A response to the problem of an ‘evil god’ as raised by Stephen Law’. Have you done that? Good, now I can continue. … Continue reading

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