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The Arminian Confession of 1621 – Introduction

I have just started reading ‘The Arminian Confession of 1621’ and intend to do few posts about this confession as I make my way through it. In this first blog I would like to quote extensively from the Introduction. This … Continue reading

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What’s wrong with Calvinism?

I am sometimes asked why I am not a Calvinist. I thought about writing my own blog on this issue but two factors made it seem unnecessary to do so. One is because I have previously given some reasons why … Continue reading

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Why I like the moral argument for God (and why Grayling gets it wrong)

In this blog I explain why I particularly like the moral argument as advanced by the Christian philosopher Linda Zagzebski. “A moral world is… very probable on theism.” [Agnostic philosopher Paul Draper in Greg Ganssle, “Necessary Moral Truths” Philosophia Christi, … Continue reading

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Where is God?

I followed a link to the ‘The Official Blog of University of Missouri Sceptics, Atheists, Secular Humanists and Agnostics’ today. The article which had been recommended was called: ‘Are Christian Apologists Evidence Against Christianity?’ Since the only reply underneath the … Continue reading

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More on the evil god challenge

If you haven’t read it already then please go and read my earlier post on this subject entitled, ‘A response to the problem of an ‘evil god’ as raised by Stephen Law’. Have you done that? Good, now I can continue. … Continue reading

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