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Getting the arguments for God wrong

It’s pretty hard to find too many professional philosophers who mock the traditional arguments for the existence of God even when they disagree with them. I would suggest part of the reason for this is because they, very often, know … Continue reading

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Review of Boghossian’s ‘A Manual for Creating Atheists’ by William Lane Craig

William Lane Craig has given his response to Peter Boghossian’s A Manual for Creating Atheists and some of his comments from online lectures.  You can listen to it here at Reasonable Faith. Craig firstly takes issue with Boghossian’s contention that ‘faith’ is some … Continue reading

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A reply to Philochristos regarding theistic determinism

“Even though we stress ever so strongly that God’s authority is finally at issue, the idea of a rigid causality arises. But this may not be. We are dealing with God’s address to people. But people as such cannot be … Continue reading

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If you’re British and Arminian… DUCK!!

I will pass over White’s introduction where he pleads for a debate with William Lane Craig, promotes himself as (probably!) the most prominent Calvinist debater of modern times, insults British television broadcasting, demonstrates his misunderstanding of the situation regarding secularism … Continue reading

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William Lane Craig vs Paul Helm (Molinism vs Calvinism) – A brief commentary

This debate was aired yesterday on the show called ‘Unbelievable’ on the British Christian radio station ‘Premier Radio’. Here is the internet home page of the show but you can also subscribe to the show on itunes. This is not an … Continue reading

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William Lane Craig and Arif Ahmed on the Moral Argument

I recently listened to the debate between William Lane Craig and Arif Ahmed which took place at Cambridge University a few years ago. One of the points of contention was the moral argument and specifically whether there are objective moral … Continue reading

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More on the evil god challenge

If you haven’t read it already then please go and read my earlier post on this subject entitled, ‘A response to the problem of an ‘evil god’ as raised by Stephen Law’. Have you done that? Good, now I can continue. … Continue reading

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