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To tu quoque or not to tu quoque?

Or I might equally call this: Why pinching an Alvin Plantinga argument to one problem and applying it to another isn’t really good enough! Those of you who follow the exchange between Arminians and Calvinists will no doubt be aware … Continue reading

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If you’re British and Arminian… DUCK!!

I will pass over White’s introduction where he pleads for a debate with William Lane Craig, promotes himself as (probably!) the most prominent Calvinist debater of modern times, insults British television broadcasting, demonstrates his misunderstanding of the situation regarding secularism … Continue reading

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William Lane Craig vs Paul Helm (Molinism vs Calvinism) – A brief commentary

This debate was aired yesterday on the show called ‘Unbelievable’ on the British Christian radio station ‘Premier Radio’. Here is the internet home page of the show but you can also subscribe to the show on itunes. This is not an … Continue reading

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Be an atheist for an hour!

Here is John Piper (possibly the most well known theistic determinist in the western world): This is my third consecutive blog on John Piper so I promise to give him (and all of you) a break after this one. At … Continue reading

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